Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shopping is work - right?

Talk about awkward...last night I was at dinner with my boss and his wife. It was lovely with wine and dessert. The whole nine yard. As we were waiting in the valet line my boss looks at me and says that he may no be in tomorrow; he and is wife have some errands to run. She looks strait at him and says, "No, I didn't mean for you to take the day off. I wanted Allison to take the day off; I'd rather go shopping with her." WOW - I just trumped my boss in level of shopping ability. It was super funny and uncomfortable all at the same time.

When my boss is in town we carpool, not to save gas or help the environment, but to allow his wife to have the car to run errands and what not. I picked him up this morning and he was giving me my itinerary for today which includes a 2 hour drive to Fredericksburg to buy a pink flamingo yard art thing and eating Mexican food.

I don't know about you but that is what I call a fantastic J-O-B!


  1. Damn, can I get a job with you? That sounds amazing!!

  2. Your boss cracks me up... but his wife does even more!! Just getting caught up on all the procrastination I've missed since session ended and I'm no longer glued to my computer screen ;)