Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Denied: Update

Just wanted to give everyone a status update on the puppy adoption. Apparently I was dropped because I didn't give the blow by blow of my day. Basically I didn't say specifically that I would come home at lunch and let the dog out to do his business. Silly I know but if you're going through a rescue group you should be very detailed in your answers!

So I guess I'm being reconsidered for the puppy but at the lady told me...."there has been a lot of interest in Grover and his sisters so they are going to be very selective on who they choose".



  1. I suppose that makes sense, they had a reason to wonder with all three of your jobs that you wouldn't be home. But of course you'd come home for that cute puppy face every chance you got and would spoil him to death. Tell them that! Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you! :)

  2. I know you would be a good mommy to Grover. Keep up your faith.