Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybe She's Born with It

Maybe it Maybelline! I want to give a bonus star today to the Maybelline company...I believe they have the best lipstick I've ever worn. Really my only requirements are that it stay on all day, and look good. Let me tell you this one does all of this and more. I put it on in the morning before work and I don't have to reapply...ever, not even after lunch. Actually, I have to do a little scrub to make sure it's off before I go to bed, sometimes that can be 15 hours. You can leave it as is or apply some fun VS lip gloss over it. My color choice is Raisin but I've got a large array of colors so go for it. It's less than $10 and you won't be sorry - promise.

Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor

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  1. first comment. hi. yes, i agree that their best color is raisin. i'm hooked on aveda right now.... and you were born near Happy? that explains so much!!