Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Friends

Picture this. Shopping at the outlet mall last night with a friend and she had totally loaded up on clothes for her 2 adorable little girls. Yes, complete with footy pjs with reindeer on them! She is trying to check out and her debit card won't go through, and then the credit card won't work and even worse her check won't clear. Besides calling her husband for help and nothing is working there was drama. I love her so I just handed over my card and she wrote the check to me...I'm a good friend, I know!

PS. At the next store her card was working fine so store #1 needs a new computer...maybe Santa should put that on the list!


  1. I completely understand. It happened to me before at Wal-Mart and then one day on campus at the Pavilion when I was meeting a friend for lunch. Unfortunately she didn't have any extra money with her to bail me out so I was left with no food.