Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Update - Part Two

Friday Night - Dinner with the whole council at the local winery where I proceeded to drink about 5 glasses of wine and watch my dad give his outgoing president speech. Post drinks with friends at the bar that when I was in college I had way to much crawfish and beer and got sick prior to making to the bathroom. oops! sorry about that pool table

Saturday - Amazing tailgating before the game including sausage wraps and beer....the be all end all of things I love about football. Thank goodness I got those because the game was brutal and I left the stadium with a pit in my stomach. We lost so I met my parents in the parking lot for beers and wings. I was going to go out but sat at the camp and drank with friends and family - much better after the lose.

Sunday - Met back up with the parents for a breakfast like no other. La Bodaga has yummy thing that I have missed - including the pulled pork breakfast enchiladas!!!

That was the weekend craziness and I'm ready to do it all over again this weekend depending on tickets to the game!!!

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