Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Weekend Update - Part One

So I know I didn't post for a few days and I have good reason, promise. I was in Aggieland for more than is considered a long weekend. I left work at 3:30 on Wednesday and was there until Sunday afternoon. As a "grown-up" I joined the College of Agriculture Development Council (COADC) - we advise the dean and provide tons of scholarships to students. We had our semi-annual meeting this weekend and there was a ton of stuff going on and it was a blast:

Wednesday Night - My dad and I hosted a dinner for 7 undergrad students to meet and discuss ethics in today's work place. The question I asked at the end was funny - is it ethical to come to a dinner for class credit when you only show up because it's free food? - hell yeah it is, these kids were hungry

Thursday Day - My mom, Grandlin and I road tripped it over to the Brookwood Community to eat lunch and shop. This is deserving of a separate post!

Thursday Night - The Scholarship Reception was fun and I got to see some of my old professors - they haven't changed a bit. I had one old man ask what my plans after graduation were and I told him I had no clue. I know I look 19 but I'm actually 28 and have 3 jobs - didn't feel the need to remind him of this for the 10,000's time. Then off to dinner with the executive members of COADC to meet the incoming director. She's great and will fit in well but I'll miss my extended phone time with Dilly Dally.

Friday Day - The business meeting was good and we had an amazing speaker that was there to talk about the war and mostly how A&M has sent people to Iraq to help with rebuilding the agriculture community and get back on their feet. No lie - I was amazed and extremely proud. Tour of the meat lab - yes they process an animal from the trailer to the freezer. Oh don't pretend to be grossed out - it happens and someone need to know how to do it correctly. The prof that was showing us around pointed me out specifically and said the if I didn't want to go to the kill floor he understood. I told him I was a blood and guts kind of girl and as long as my high heel weren't a problem to show me the way. SHOCKER!

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