Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things to Smile About

I'm not saying that I'm singing right now but after the car debacle yesterday here's some things to be happy about.

Fall Weather - not that it's cooling off in Austin but at least it's not 100. The weather channel was showing snow in the North....something to dream of for later.....much much later.

Halloween Candy - purchased the econo bag yesterday at Sam's. Got to love a month of having candy around the house for no real reason. Any bets on how much candy will actually still be in the basket by the time Trick-or-Treaters show up at my door step? I'm not saying but I'm saying that basket's going to be refilled before the 31st.

College Football - I'm so excited to be going to the Aggie game next weekend. True reason to drink beer before 10am(not that I really need a reason); the smell of smokers going on the asphalt; sausage with mustard on tortillas for breakfast and lunch and dinner; being on campus and remembering how rediculious I acted while I was there (see drinking before 10am); and secretly wishing I could act that way again every once in a while.

Hamburgers and French Fries - I love the grease on a good burger and as of late that's been the food of choice (except texmex - duh) Mike's Pub, Players and Red Robin just to name a few. I say screw the diet and inhale some grease. It will make you feel better and duh-it's just plain good.

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