Friday, October 3, 2008

Friends of Mine

So I've been blogging for a whole whopping week now. I know my mama would be so proud but I haven't really told her yet - oops. I've come up with come crafty names for my friends. I'm sure they all really love me writing about them - if not oh well sorry 'bout your luck. Some friends I've already talked about and some not yet but to protect the identity of those who shall remain nameless you're all getting nicknamed whether you like it or not. Most everyone has so far been called by their job but I have lots of friends that are in the law profession so that's not going to work so well. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Mama = my mom - duh?

Dad = really?

Bro = the most awesome little brother any girl could have, he lives in Dallas and I miss him tons. He's funny and smart and I wish I had a job that gave me a company car and cell phone just like him.

Coach = she's my cousin that is a high school basketball coach and mother of 4, in the middle of building a house in the middle of nowhere.

Miss Peddler = someone I call my sister and love her like she is my sister....see this posting

Ad Girl = Bro's girlfriend and now a friend of mine. She's going in the advertising business and is mighty good at what she does. She's participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. She tolerates our crazy family and the bear sandwhiches.

Lawyer = use to be my boss and then she left for law school and I took over her job. We really became friend - friends after she left and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's someone that will let me bitch to no end and then laugh when it's all over. She also likes to go to the movies with me - we meet there, watch the show, and leave....feeling as if we've had some awesome quality time together.

Selena = she's a lawyer too but more importantly she loves to sing and dance and mostly just be crazy for all of our enjoyment. She's sassy and drinks more champagne (out of a can) than anyone else I know.

Golfer = is a wonderful mother and attorney as well. She played golf in college and professionally for a while. She has the cutest baby ever and I love to go over and play with them. The only person I know that when I go over to visit I can fall asleep on the couch and she just leaves me there - I must have been really tired.

Winter = my only friend from high school that I talk to on a regular basis. He's in law school right now and live far away. We have an on going joke of marriage at the age of 35 or 40 (I can't remember which). His family is a constant source of humor for me; so is he.

Attorney = is living the life downtown. She's on the corporate fast track, and not loving it so much - tuffing it out long enough to pay off the student loans and build up a wedding fund and then she's out of there (maybe). We were the single girls but now she's got a boyfriend and he's treating her like a princess. Good for her!

PA = my cousin who is currently attending Wake Forrest University in North Carolina. She love the medical field but tends to call me freaked out about a test or problem. For some crazy reason I'm the one who can calm her down or at least make her laugh and take a deep breath. Miss her tons but so very happy that she's jumped out of her comfort zone and rocking the Carolinas!!!

Dilly Dally = is my Muddy Buddy. We're scheduled to run the Muddy Buddy race in Dallas - good luck to us. I've slowly been training and I hope she's still my friend after this. We have long discussions about nothing in particular and laugh at other people. Her husband and I have a running joke about the love for cashews and exchange cans of them when we visit each other.

There are many other people I will write about but can figure out names for them....if you know who you are and I don't have you listed on here please give me a suggestion for your name or I'll pick it and it may not be nice! If you are on the list and don't like your name...let me know and we can discuss a change.

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