Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Babies

Well the tomatoes have been in the ground for 10 days and we already have little babies.  These suckers are fertile; now if we can get them to stay on the vine and ripen.

little babies
We've been working on more cages; and I'm creating awesome tomato cage tags - be excited people labels are fun!  Other things going on at the Smith Ranch include a drip irrigation system and planting okra.  I personally haven't put any irrigation together in over 10 years in my Greenhouse Maintenance Class with Dr. Wilkerson.  Let's all hope that my fancy college eduation will come in handy.  If it doesn't my parents will tell me they want their money back and Todd might not let me be the offical taste tester.  That is my biggest fear during this whole project in case you where wondering. 

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  1. What fertilizer are you guys using? Compost? If so, I gotta get some of your stuff. I am amazed that you already have fruit!