Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heavy on my Shoulder

Here's what in my heavy purse today:

Wallet: I got this adorable wallet in North Carolina when my cutie cousin graduated from the very prestigious Wake Forest PA Program. It has more card slots than even I could fill up: two zipper pockets; and three different open slots for receipts, cash, and stamps. It's true I carried stamps in my wallet like an 80 year old woman.

Notebook: I carry this around to make lists...that's how my world goes round...lists and lists of lists. There are lists on everything from grocery to blog ideas to possible vacation spots. Also there are notes on great website I read in magazines and recipe ideas...if I don't write it down there will be no way I'll remember.
Sunglasses: I have this problem with buying super cheap sunglasses that always break. So last year for my birthday I splurged on these and love them so much I can't imagine my life without them. I still have the cheapies for the lake and pool - I don't trust myself that much!

Card Holder: I have two jobs and two different business cards to carry around. This also doubles as a ID/credit card holder to slip in my clutch when I go out.

Gum: I'm always in fear of the bad breath monster. It is also here in case I get sleepy in church...just don't tell Father Albert!

Oh and a bunch trash including receipts, gum wrappers and earbuds. Also an awesome Specs gift card that I'm mailing to my dad for his birthday!!!

What are you toting around on your shoulder?

Love & Later -



  1. Love the wallet! :) And the reason that you had to get it. I love that just a little bit more I think...

  2. We want more blogging!!! More! More! More!!