Friday, November 13, 2009

Internet Star

And no it's not some leaked sex tape...promise!

Please go to

Click on videos and search for Allieflower.

Yes, I have 10 videos posted. Feel free to leave comments of praise and humor. If I get a lot of hits then maybe they will ask me to do some more. If you have suggestions for my camera voice, look, etc. please let me know. I'm taking all the advice I can get.

1 comment:

  1. Look at you bein all famous. I tried to leave some comments and it wouldnt let me! I tried to leave some cheesy "this is the greatest video ever!" feedbacks, but alas, I was rejected. Anyway...since I never really watch videos....THOSE ARE THE GREATEST VIDEOS EVER!! haha, really, you did a great job. I was really impressed. And you look so professional even in your house! Love it. I'll get your autograph at Christmas before the papparrazi start to smother you. :)