Thursday, July 16, 2009


Either no one reads this stupid blog anymore or you people are to chicken to make a comment. So anyway I guess I'll keep posting about random crap until there's a recommendation.

Anyone out there know anything about Baltimore? My brother and I are going there on our BS weekend over Labor Day. We are definitely attending at least two baseball games so that will mostly take care of a few nights...but we would like cool bars for after if you know of any. We've agreed on the National Aquarium and going to mass at the basilica. We are totally open for suggestions including cool things to do, restaurants (we LOVE seafood, well really any food), and site seeing. Please hook a sister up.


  1. I don't know, I know that there's apparently some Irish bar near the water that is supposed to be amazing. I do not know details so this suggestion is a bit sketch. I don't know how much a boy would like this, but Baltimore has good Thrift Stores and shopping, I like looking at the little way-too-expensive-to-even-think-about-buying shops because they're cute!

  2. Y'all had better call me when you're up there!!! It's really close to me!!! I've fallen off the blog bandwagon too... just trying to get back on. I'll still read your postings, Allie! I Promise! xoxo.

  3. Well...I don't know Baltimore very well but I'm willing to be your luggage carrier if you bring me along?? Yes? Is that what I'm hearing?? :)