Friday, May 29, 2009


We are in the home stretch of finishing session and I'm tired and tense. I've not purchased groceries in over 3 months and haven't seen my house in the daylight in over a month. It's all over on Monday night!

Last night I left the office before midnight and needed to look for end of session gifts for my boss and his wife. I found myself at Costco...and sat is this chair for 15 minutes. Yes it was in the aisle and yes I had to kick some kids out of it. I just sat there with my eyes closed...It.Was.Amazing!

Don't judge me!


  1. Oh man!! I've missed so much! Dog adoption. Dog-adoption-rejection. Sam's lounge chair. Aunt Debbie's bday. So much!!! I miss you. Let me know how the adoption mission goes!!!

  2. I won't judge. The other day we were looking at furniture and I almost took a nap on a bed in the middle of the furniture store.