Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Haphazard List

Here is what's running through my mind at the moment:

1. Session will be over in 19 days...all I can think about is getting outside.

2. I really want a dog...I've been looking on everyday for the last 2 weeks. I've picked one out everyday for the last 2 weeks....

3. My traveling friend is back from New Zealand and Australia and I can't wait for her to visit me.

4. My pretend boyfriend was approved for the Marine JAG program yesterday. He leaves for Officer Training School on May 28th. I won't get to hang out with him all summer...I'm really sad but he's going to kick some major ass!

5. I'm loving this luggage from Target and I look at it every time is go...maybe it will be mine soon. It's on sale this week....if I can get there before Saturday night.

6. I miss all my friends. I don't see anyone anymore, not even my work friends. There is going to be some serious visiting of people when this is over.

7. My brother is buying a super cute house in Dallas. I can't wait to help him with whatever he needs me to do. He did after all, crawl in my attic to hang ceiling fans and help build a fence around my house when I was out of town. I'm a painting master...just hand me a brush.

8. I really wish it wouldn't be creepy for me to have a trampoline in my backyard. I loved the one we had growing up. It was fun and we spent hours on it everyday...mostly because our mom would lock us out of the house.


  1. <3 the luggage! Will you get some time to yourself after said 18 days are over??

  2. I miss ya! Just talked to your parents. They are coming to spend football weekends with me this fall! YEAH!!! I hope you know you better be coming too. You can bring your doggie and he can play with Comanche (and maybe Comanche's sister if we decide to expand our family by then)!