Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

to my intern...Ice Man is the big 22 today. I hope you enjoyed your cake and birthday in a box. Have a fantastic time at Dave and Busters!

Where did everyone else spend their 22nd Birthday?

I was working on Mackinac Island as one of the florist for the Grand Hotel. My new friends and I had dinner at the Yankee Rebel and then danced and drank way to much at the French Outpost (now the Gate House).


  1. I ate mexican food!!! So obviously I was very happy. :) We went to On the Border, then went for a barhop down Northgate. Ahh, the good ol days at the gates of North. Its not as cool as Mackinac Island, but thats all I've got!

  2. Mine was pretty good. It was on a Saturday so I had the day off. My COADC Members, my mom, and my husband all sent me flowers which is crazy because I had never gotten flowers at work before.

    My hubbie and one of my friends took me out to eat at a restaurant which is now shut down due to a grease trap violation that they refused to fix.

    I got a professionally made cake that was delicious.

    Sounds kind of boring but it was good.

  3. Whoop! Dave & Busters was alright, but NOTHING will beat the BJ's Queen....