Thursday, February 12, 2009

Room Redo

So I'm in the middle of planning for a master bedroom redo. I purchased my first house about 3 years ago and have been decorating one room at a time since then. The only rooms I have left are the master bedroom and the kitchen and since the kitchen is going to be the most expensive I'm saving it for last.

I have a king size bed with this quilt on it and really that's about it. The dresser is old and a little on the 70's lacquer so it lives inside the closet. I know there will be paint in some shade of green and bamboo or rattan blinds but I'm up for suggestions.


  1. Did you know that you start 80% of your blogs with "so"? I love it! It immediately puts a picture of your face in my head, because it is so you! haha. I like the room redo idea. I can't wait to see it, bamboo blinds and all!


    I found this website of bamboo furniture and accessories. I thought you might find something for your new/redo bedroom.

    I have a sticky note written to call you today. It seems like everytime you call I'm at a place where I can't answer my phone dang it!

    Miss ya and talk to you VERY soon!