Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida's coming to town

I'm going to need some serious moral support for the next month. Mr. Florida is coming to visit me and I'm already freaking out. We talked tonight and decided on a weekend and then the plane ticket was booked. What the hell am I doing?

Yeah and the moral compass is working and he's cool with it...he better be or he can go back to Florida.

I'm taking suggestions on things for us to do while he's here. I mean we have to do something other than drink and make-out all weekend...right?


  1. What what??!! Thats awesome! No freaking out. Absolutely not allowed. Its Austin, TX for cryin out loud. You'll have so much to do that he won't be able to leave :)

  2. Favorite iphone applications. Ready? Go!

  3. Allie Dear,
    There are many fun things to do in Austin besides drink and make out. Museums, Sports, Parks, Movies, Music, and watching Army Wives.
    p.s. SO excited he's coming!!! Y'all will have a blast!! :)

  4. Whoa, totally in the dark here. Who is Mr. Florida?

  5. Ok, so I've got an idea. You can take him on the scenic drive to come visit me. Or we can drive to see you and meet you for dinner. That would give your lips at least a couple hours rest so that you could put on some chapstick and rehydrate.

    I'm so happy. Keep the moral compass up and you'll be glad you did :)