Friday, January 2, 2009

Lunch of Fun

So the lunch I hosted yesterday was super fun and delicious. The ham was great and so were the mash potatoes. Miss Priss brought the best dinner rolls from Whole Foods and this very yummy cake. Attorney showed up with her guy and a perfect chocolate mousse pie. I was fat and happy for the first day of 2009 and spent it with my other family and what more can you ask to start out a new year.

So that would be one party down for the resolution train - 6 more to go. This could be the most fun year of cooking and partying ever.

On another resolution note - I went to Target and finally purchased one of those balance balls. This could help me with the 5 minutes a day work out - I know it will because it took a lot of arm power to inflate the thing. Yes I actually busted out the video that came with it and did things too! Swimsuit season here I come!

1 comment:

  1. WHOO HOO!!! I'm using the Wii Fit and can hardly get dressed because I'm so sore!

    We need to figure out what race we are going to run and when so that we have somethin to work towards.