Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love it

Here are some current things I'm loving today!

JB & Sandy Morning Show (Mix 94.7) - I was totally cracked up all morning with the radio. I've been listening to them since I moved to Austin 6 years ago and have laughed everyday thanks to them and the rest of the crew. Thanks guys - you rock!

Vivo's - Better than Sex...TexMex. If you read this blog you know I LOVE Mexican food more than anything and this place is great. I always order something that includes a puffy taco when I go there. The margaritas are outstanding; they have a stellar patio; and all ladies get a rose.

Juiced Berry Lip Gloss - This is awesome and I love it. No matter what your skin color it will look great - promise!

GRITS book - Ad girl got me this book for Christmas and I find myself flipping through it almost every night. It's funny and helpful all at the same time. And yes, I do have a wonderful cast iron skillet and pearls - thank you very much.

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