Monday, January 19, 2009

Hookers and Ponies

So when you try on a pair of hooker boots that are in your size and 70% you just know something has to go wrong. I slipped that boot right on like it already belonged in my closet, and walked around to make sure it was just conservative enough to not get me into trouble at work. Then it happened....I tried to take it off (to put in the box for purchase) and I couldn't get the son of a bitch off. Not even kidding when I tell you the sales associate just stared at me like I was a lunatic. I had to sit down in the aisle of the department store and tug and pull to get them off and you know the stress of everyone looking didn't help either. Finally I got it off and got the hell out of there!

You better believe I then ventured over to Nine West and made this beautiful purchase...way better than the stupid boots!

Sorry Miss Priss I tried to call and make sure you wouldn't mind if I stole your pattern.


  1. Oh lord, those shoes are to DIE for!

    How do you manage to walk in open-toed shoes? I always feel like when I wear peep toe heels my little toes want to fall out and they get squished by virtue of being up on a heel. Or maybe it's just me!

  2. Beautiful. Tip for shopping for Hooker boots---one must buy zip ups. If it has no zipper, I don't even look at them because I know the exact same thing will happen to me.