Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bench is Open for Business

OK so last month I posted about my disaster of an office and how I was really trying to work on the organization of it all. Well today I finally did something amazing...cleaned off the bench. There is much anticipation over next week and the opening day of session and I hope that friends will stop by to visit. In hopes of this I need places for people to hang and the bench is open!


  1. I'm impressed! I actually go back to work tomorrow. I love holidays because our babysitter goes home which means I get to stay home. I should just quit but then what would I grip about.

  2. I wanna see a picture of this "bench" you speak of. It sounds it important enough for me to come to see it in person. Maybe the boss man will need me to travel with him on one of his legislative visits and I can hang out with you. [Well never mind, who would answer the phones and do all the work if I were away :) haha]