Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaving Town

I'm heading out of town today....if you know where I live, please don't let anyone break into my house! I'm not really worried but still - totally not cool since all my Christmas gifts are there.

My boss has a fundraiser every year that I help manage. It's a pheasant hunt in his home town and it's awesome. Deep down I'm a country girl (but I conceal it well, sometimes) so it's fun for me and everyone else that goes. I get to go to Harper's Game Farm and get the live birds, eat some of the best food, and hunt. There will be tons to discuss and funny things to post while I'm there so get ready. Last year my boss gave me the bird at the final dinner...


  1. I got the bird once, but it was a mounted one :)


    Haven't read your blog in a while. Hope you got a bird!