Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So it seems to me that I'm starting to hyperventilate about the holidays. I was good until I got home from Florida and realized I've totally over extended myself and believe that I am in fact super woman.

I've got decorating to do, cooking to start, parties to host, presents to buy, 100% of all my wrapping to complete, laundry to wash, dinners to attend, cards to address and mail, plus actually going to work and doing things there.

Dear Lord,
Please grant me the ability to get my entire list finished. I will work very hard and promise not to scream at anyone or shave my head like Brit did in 2007. I know that this is a problem that I have created on my own. As my New Year's Resolution to say NO more frequently and will try to not feel guilty about it.

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  1. Oh girl I'm right there with ya. We got back from Mexico a little shy of midnight on Friday, then did Christmas shopping on Saturday, wrapping on Sunday as well as baking. I'm still not all put together.