Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Deer Slayer

So the drama with the vehicle exchange is going downhill. I have purchased 2 expeditions in the last 4 years. The first one went up in smoke and flames and was not my fault but still had to pay for it since I was over the warranty. The second one was great but when it was costing me $115 a week in gas I about died so my parents helped me out by buying it from me and I then purchased my mom's car. I have loved that car since I took it to Oregon over 8 years ago...yes that means the Lexus is now 10 and still running. This is also the said car that I "totalled" the Christmas of 2004 (apparently if the airbags don't deploy it's not totalled).

Well on the way to my parents house on the 23rd, there was a massacre of a small doe about 20 miles North of Brady. The murder weapon; a 1998 pearl Lexus! Yes in all my years of night time driving in West Texas I finally joined the Deer Slayer Club. I've always been told not to swerve or slow down and thought to myself it would be impossible to do. Yeah - no so much...I saw her in road and did slow down as I was laying on the horn. On the night of December 23rd, our precious doe was called to Jesus. I said a little pray and thanked the Lord that the car was still driveable and went on my way. I'm just ok with knowing that she didn't come through the windshield and land in my lap.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Don't worry, all deer go to heaven (or a freezer to be eaten), since you didn't process it I'm sure it's makin' out with Bambi's dad in heaven!