Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Florida Predicament

Boys will be boys and I'd really like to join in the fun....

The summer before my senior year of college I did an internship on the Oregon coast and it was lovely. I worked on a cut flower farm with some great people. One of those ladies has a son that befriended me while I worked there. He was the only person I met that was my age and more than anything I think he felt sorry for me. I had a boyfriend at the time but soon after my return to Texas we broke up. That was eleven years ago - I digress.

We have emailed back and forth for the past eleven years just to keep tabs on each other and usually only during football season to give each other a hard time or brag about our teams, never anything more than that. About 5 years ago he moved to Florida and ever since has invited me every year to come visit and go to a Jaguars football game or something. I've never really thought about going until this year, without even thinking I said sure. So I'm about to book the flight and am freaking out. I'm nervous that there will be expectations so I need someone to tell me that it will be a fun trip to see an old friend. It's only for a weekend and if it sucks at least I get to go to a football game.....mostly I need support.

Help this single girl branch out of the comfort zone that for the last 6 years has been her couch!!!

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  1. So here's the scoop one muddy buddy to another.

    1) Don't be nervous, dating sucks and figuring out if a guy likes you as a friend or more than that sucks even more.

    2) You're the most awesome chick I know, so I'm not sure what the hell you're worried about.

    3) It'll be fun, I mean it's a weekend in Florida for goodness sakes. Don't pack dressy clothes or skimpy clothes, just somewhere in the middle. That way you aren't looking as though you want something more but staying cool.

    Most of all I just wanted to say that I'm happy about seeing ya this weekend and drinking away our troubles, Thursday at dinner, Friday at dinner and Saturday morning. WHOO HOO!