Monday, October 6, 2008

Damn You - Capitol Grille

So at 1:45 I decided that maybe a grilled cheese would make me feel better. I've got some sort of weird sore throat thing going on and I'm still super sore from getting lost on Saturday. Comfort food was calling my name...."Allie eat me"...see calling my name. The lady at the grille said they are closed and that I could get a pre-made sandwich from the cooler. There's nothing comforting about a cold tuna sandwich that was made Lord only knows how long ago. Duh lady I don't feel good and you're not helping.

Bonus Star goes to Mr. Staffer for being the one that actually walked down to the cafeteria and talked to the lady. Thanks for being nice to the complainer!

1 comment:

  1. I had that nasty sore throat last week. It was torture! The only good news was that I couldn't swallow anything, not even water, so I lost a few pounds. (For a day.)